Terms & Conditions

Please see below some rules we have at Skate Bowl Play. These have been drawn up to ensure that everyone entering Skate Bowl Play have a fun and safe time.

No Outside Food

This is not an attempt to make you pay for expensive food. Our food is very reasonably priced to ensure a family can have an affordable and fun time out. But inside the Skate Bowl Play we have a duty of care to you.

For example, this rule can protect other patrons who may have allergies. If you bring food in and share it at a birthday party, what happens if one child you do not know goes into anaphylactic shock from eating your food or eating off the plate it was on? We are aware of these and other requirements in the preparation of our food.

We can discuss this with you and come to a reasonable understanding, but please don't smuggle food in, come and talk to us.

What does 'Til Late' mean?

In our opening hours we say we will stay open 'til late'. This is a flexible time dependent on the needs of our customers. The rule is you need to be in here by 7pm, if you are here doing an activity by that time, we will stay open until you are finished. This could mean a few more racks of bowls or some more time skating. This is a night by night assessment. You can contact us to confirm if you would like.

Kids World Inflatables

During the week we operate the Kids World permanent play area. When there is more demand we put up the inflatables in addition to the permanent play area.